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Accounting & Reporting

We handle all accounting issues such as, analysing, reporting, and declarations professionally, effectively, and efficiently. We use Procountor and Lemonsoft software, in both, the accounting can be done electronically (paperless accounting) by the client while we analyse, make approvals and then reporting to the authorities. That is, if the client decides to use the same software himself. It is also possible to bring all the material to our office in paper form and have traditional "folder accounting." We can also agree on other third-party ways to send the documents. For example, many clients send receipts to us via eTasku. For sole entrepreneurs, we offer the Procountor Solo service, which is an easy and cost-effective way to handle the entire company's accounting, invoicing, payment of purchase invoices, etc.



We can handle payroll calculations for you. We calculate your company's salaries, take care of schedules, and handle the necessary declarations. You don't have to keep up with legislative changes, as we monitor them on your behalf.

Our payroll management services include:

  • Payroll calculation and disbursement
  • Income register notifications
  • Payment of travel and expense claims
  • Delivery of pay slips to employees.
  • Electronic archiving and reporting
  • Salary certificates and other inquiries.


Invoicing & Accounts Receivable

We create invoices on your behalf and send them in the most cost-effective way. We remind customers of overdue invoices if necessary, in collaboration with a collection agency. Copies of invoices are always available for review when needed. We can keep your sales ledger constantly up to date.


Purchase Invoices & Payment Transactions

We can manage your purchase ledger by receiving, categorizing, and sending invoices for approval to your company. Once approval is obtained, we ensure timely payment of the invoices.


Financial Statement & Tax Return

Every year, we prepare the financial statements for your company and deliver them to you. We also take care of the company's tax return and submit it to the tax authorities and the commercial register for registration. If needed, we can also assist you in filling out your personal tax return.



Always feel free to come to us to discuss any questions you have related to your company. It could concern the most suitable business form, tax matters, or filling out forms, for example. We are always ready to help, and if we don't have an immediate answer, we will find it for you.


Business Startups

Establishing a business can be a complex process with many practical aspects to consider. We can assist you throughout the entire startup process and answer all your questions. This will help you make informed decisions and avoid potential costly mistakes that could hinder your business growth.

We have extensive experience in establishing various types of businesses and are familiar with regulatory requirements. We can assist you in choosing a business name, registration, business plan creation, tax-related matters, and other practical aspects related to starting a business.

We are here to support you every step of the way, allowing you to focus on growing and succeeding in your business. Reach out to us if you want to start a new business or need assistance in developing your existing business.