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About us

Inger Guldbrand

“The Boss” or “Mom” 😊 😊

I have been working as an accountant since 2000, and since 2004, as an entrepreneur. November 30, 2017 I bought Qwerty, on my birthday! It was the best birthday gift of my life and a dream come true! Nowadays, the owners are me, Oxana, Ahmad and Daniel.

I live in Ekenäs with my husband, 5 dogs, and a couple of cats. My family also includes two adult children and their partners.

My native language is Swedish, and I also serve in Finnish and English.

I love rescue-dogs, books, and everything that is bright blue. 😊

Daniel Bobbie

I have been interested in working with numbers since a young age. I have always been passionate about helping others and enjoy finding answers through research. I believe this has developed my professional skills.

I have followed the same path to this day by studying accounting and finance, completing a degree in international business, and a master's degree program in strategic finance and business analytics.

My areas of expertise include taxation, payroll, auditing, risk management, electronic invoicing, financial report analysis, and I am also specialized in business establishment, including start-up companies. I am an excellent team player and am adept at collaborating with people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Oxana Backman

I am Oxana, and my birthplace is Petroskoi in Karelia. I moved to Finland 22 years ago. I wanted to become an accountant right after school, but initially, I obtained a degree in psychology from the Karelian Pedagogical University. However, when I came to Finland, I realized that I wanted to work as an accountant. I graduated as a merkonomi (business graduate) from the Helsinki Business College in 2018, and I have been working as an accountant ever since.

I have skilled mentors and colleagues who help and guide me when needed. I believe I do good work, but I am constantly studying to enhance my professional skills!

Ahmad Ziadeh

I am a 37-year-old man from Syria. I have been working in accounting for almost 15 years. I studied accounting at university in Syria and completed a vocational degree in business and administration at Omnia in Finland. I do my job to the best of my ability, and I can serve in Arabic, Finnish, and English languages.

Lena Flinck

Bachelor of Business Administration and licensed real estate agent. Work experience in healthcare, real estate, and rental sectors. Swedish is my mother tongue, I am fluent in Finnish, and I also can communicate in English. I am meticulous and flexible. Animals and exercise are close to my heart.